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2 Star Winners Great British Taste Awards 2020

2 Star Winners Great British Taste Awards 2020

Dugan’s Patisserie wins 2 star awards on both entries to the Great British Taste Awards 2020.

This years entries were Tracy’s Blackcurrant Brownies and Blackcurrant Frangipane tart.We were hoping for a good result and the judges did not disappoint. We’re extremely happy with the feedback we had and the result which was a 2 star award for each entry!

Some of the judges comments;

Blackcurrant Brownie 2020 (buy half slab or whole whopping 1 kilo slab)

‘A wonderfully gooey brownie, rich with quality chocolate. It has a lovely silken texture in the mouth. The blackcurrants are well distributed and provide just the right amount of tart cut-through.

Now this looks just like a brownie should look: crackled surface, raised at the edges of the tin and dotted with oven glazed blackcurrants. The cut reveals a fudge like centre. The taste is pure chocolate indulgence.  We really didn’t want and we certainly didn’t receive any half measures. This was full on, pedal to mettle brownie heaven.’

Text Blackcurrant tart 2020

A beautifully presented tart. Someone had taken some real pride in putting this together. There was not a single part of this product that is just along for the ride. Every flavour, every texture, every ingredient had something to say, but most importantly was in harmony with the whole. The frangipane was all about the ground almonds which were moist. The pastry cake was thin and biscuit and the blackcurrants delivered a tartness, with a restrained level of sugar.

A sumptuous slice of tart, with beautiful layers of compote, frangipane, fruit and flaked almonds in a wafer thin well baked case. Gorgeous blackcurrant perfectly complemented the sweet buttery almond rich frangipane, with its sharp fruit flavours providing a lovely foil, encouraging you to go back for more as one slice isn’t enough! It would be so easy to over egg this pudding but every element was in perfect balance and that pastry case was perfection.

What a stunning aroma your frangipane has, with those reassuring scents of almonds and fruity compote. The texture was wonderful and truly contributed to the mouth feel and enjoyment when judging. We do feel though that the tart could do with a few more plump blackcurrants, or a bit more compote, which we feel would lift the natural fruitiness and zest, which in turn would harmonize with the rich sweet tart and almond flavour notes.

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